“Nobody shut down my shop, I moved out because of rent” – Fella Makafui

fella makafui
fella makafui

Yolo” actress Fella Makafui has moved to quash rumors that her boyfriend had closed down her wine shop due to negligence from the actress in their relationship.

The news was trending earlier that the actress/entrepreneur has had her winery closed down by her boyfriend who was believed to have been exasperated with Fella for not putting much effort into the relationship and potentially seeing other men behind his back due to the different number of cars that he sees over at the 3 bedroom apartment he had rented for her.

 Fella Makafui has come out to say that nothing of that sort is true and that the reason for her moving out was due to her landlord increasing the price of the shop she was renting from Ghc400 a month to Ghc1000.

Whether it’s the case of the landlord trying to milk the cow as it fattens with Fella now a known actress and celeb or whether the trending news earlier is true, we’d take her explanation for now.

But as the saying goes “In every rumor, there’s a bit of truth in it’.

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