“Despite the curses, threats and attacks on me, I delivered my best” – Charlotte Osei Press release

Mrs. Charlotte Osei
Mrs. Charlotte Osei

Former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana today, June 29, has made a press release on her sacking by the President Akufo-Addo yesterday, June 28.

Madam Charlotte Osei who presided over 2016 national elections that brought the ruling government to power was yesterday together with her two deputies, relieved of their duties as authorities of the Electoral Commission.

The reason for her sacking was stated as “misbehavior and incompetence” after she was also accused of corruption and several petitions had been forwarded against her to the President for her removal.

Mrs.Charlotte Osei has now come out with a press release which reads :

Press Release by Madam Charlotte Osei

Having supervised one of the most peaceful and credible elections the country and Africa as a whole has ever witnessed, her tenure will, unfortunately, be remembered for several accusations of corruption and in-fighting between members of the Commission.

Reports of misfeasance of finances and corruption were rife in her time of office leading to petitions against her by personnel in the Electoral Commission.


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