Michy enumerates her three favourite s*x positions


S*x is the spice of marriages.

It adds up to the fun moments and keeps families together and bonded.

But if not done very well, could bring several problems to various marriages and relationships.

For former empress of the Shatta Movement empire who prefers to be called Mitchy for now, she has three favourite s*x positions that drives her crazy all night long.

Michy who was speaking on Gh One indicated that she loves Cat, Cow Girl and One up.

For the Cow girl, she indicated that the lady lies on top of the man and does all the work while the man sleeps and watch the action.

For the one up which according to her is her favourite, she indicated that the lady lies on her back and raises one of her legs onto the shoulder of the man while the man licks his way into the v*gina of the lady.

Among other things Mitchy said was the fact that s*x could be nicer mostly depending on the location. She suggested that couples make love at their backyards since its fun and adventurous.


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