I believe in the entrapment case against Anas Aremeyaw – Anthony Osarfo


Entertainment writer, Anthony Osarfo has said he believes in people making strong cases against  Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ mode of gathering evidence against “corrupt” officials.

According to him, from videos he has watched regarding the Anas’ investigation, he believes the Investigative Journalist entraps these officials; a methodology he describes as bad.

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I’m Believing In The Entrapment Case Against Anas Aremeyaw

Award winning Ghanaian undercover/investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, is a benison to Ghana, Africa, and the world at large.

His works have exposed lots of corrupt practices and people – some of whom, have been relieved of their jobs, jailed, and others facing trial, pending verdict. He deserves every paean.

That established, I add my voice, to the few, who have in recent times, become over passionate in questioning the approach Anas uses in gathering evidence(s).

My decision is based on some videos of some characters making entrapment case against him; my privileged chats with some security experts and lawyers; my experience in criminal trial, and a conclusion I believe in.

In a trial I’m facing, I met with shock, how Prosecution, picked and chose, and stitched my own recorded phone conversations (with others) together, and presented them as evidence against me.

That was the day I realized that HOW evidence is GATHERED, how they are PUT TOGETHER, and how they are PRESENTED, creates good or bad impression of an ACCUSED/SUSPECT. This is the angle we must begin examining Anas on.

In this video I watched, a Court Translator reveals that one of Anas’ team once visited the court. This Anas boy did not know where the court’s registrar is, so this Translator directed him there. Anas’ boy came out of the registrar and offered GHC 20 for helping him locate the registrar.

This Translator says he refused but Anas’ boy urged on and so he took it. Later, Anas’ boy came to this same Translator and sought the latter’s help to meet a judge.

Anas’ boy expressed strong worry of how his promising younger brother who is facing trial at the court, may end up going to jail and so needed to speak to the judge to just fine his accused brother, instead of throwing him into jail.

Upon persistent plea, the Translator entered the judge’s office and told him someone wants to meet him. The judge refused meeting this unknown visitor – but changed his mind and asked this visitor be allowed in.

The Translator asked Ana’s boy to go see the judge. That was the last encounter and last time the Translator saw this STRANGER.

The next moment, Anas’ boy, who filmed the whole encounter with this Translator, reported the latter to his bosses that he (the Translator), took a bribe of GHC 20 to help him (Anas’ boy) meet the judge.

This Translator was interdicted for 2 years. He lost his job afterwards. He’s currently unemployed – and facing the harsh reality of catering for himself and family.

Clearly, this Anas’ boy, showed the video of where money exchanged hands to make a case against this Translator. He CUT OFF the BEGINNING and PREMISE of their encounter. To reasonable society – is this FAIR? Would you gladly accept your fate if this happens to you?

Is this Translator corrupt or criminal-minded? It’s a big fat NO from me! He’s only a VICTIM – cos given a normal circumstance, he did not demand any money and may not have demanded anything from this Anas boy and did not propose/assured to help talk to the judge on behalf of this Anas boy.

Corrupt and criminal-minded characters, are always the ones to first propose an idea, suggest an action, design a format, or draft a plan, and execute – like the case of the GFA boss, Mr. Nyantakyi, who WILLINGLY (without any inducement from the Tigereye team) told of how he can use money to influence the President, Vice, and others.

On the face of this Translator’s claim, I think it’s time, as a reasonable society, we start doing some necropsy into Anas’ investigative approach – not to rubbish his efforts or paint him dark, but to help him improve. After all, we should all improve in whatever we do. It’s a precept we all believe in.

To those of you who think Ana’s methodology is par excellent and so should not be subjected to evaluation with legal or moral lenses, because he is exposing corruption, I pray you are never pushed by anyone to commit an offence – only for the one who did, to expose you or point accusing fingers at you in public.

May we never meet a tempter, and may we never fall for a temptation. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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