1m views for Shatta Wale’s “Gringo”: It takes internationally recognised act to amass such figures

Shatta Wale's "Gringo" video
Shatta Wale’s “Gringo” video

Shatta Wale’s “Gringo” had over 1million YouTube views in just a week. Other African artistes are making those figures in just 24 hours.

But, that is not the issue.

The issue is, it takes an internationally recognised artiste to gather such figures here in Ghana within a week.

On YouTube, there are only 2.6million Ghanaians users (registered and non-registered). This doesn’t mean they are all active. But it also means the highest ORGANIC figures a LOCAL CHAMPION can get on YouTube is 2.6million.

And out of the 2.6m users, the number of users who are interested in music are around somewhere 600k. So, the highest organic views an artiste who is only locally recognised should gain should be 600k.

Shatta Wale's "Gringo" video
Shatta Wale’s “Gringo” video

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, there are over 7million users. And out of that figure, there are over 3 million users interested in music. So, if their artistes make 1million views in 24hours, it makes sense.

Let me cut long story short by saying, it takes only an internationally recognised artiste from Ghana to reach a million views between 7-30 days. Any views after 600k come from outside Ghana and that means the artiste has worked hard enough to attract that attention.


Go and die, if you don’t understand!!!

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