Has Kaakie quit music for photo modelling?


The Ghana Music Industry is such that the least step you take backwards could spell doom for you as an artiste.

Several names could come to mind when such issues are raised and although it seems worrying, there seem to be a little done about it.

Artistes have had to suffer because systems in the industry do not work and therefore, when they lose their fire, they tend to lose everything they have laboured for over the years.

It takes a few to be able to get the love back and move on to become great. Some try but to no avail while others continue to do their best but it does not seem to work out well for them.

Well, to my subject matter.

After breaking away from her record label JMJ, little has been heard  of Kaakie, the lady who gave dancehall music  the feminine touch.

The artiste has faced difficulty in finding her feet in the industry she was once the go to when it came to females in Dancehall music,

Nothing seems to be heard about Kaakie’s music; something I see as worrying and sad for an industry which is fighting to get females take up the mantle for greatness.

Kaakie although very active on social media does not say anything about music but always shares photos of herself looking good. He pages on social media are inundated by photos of herself promoting one dress or weave while her music rots.

Well we miss kaakie and the good songs we jammed to and will want to see her back doing music.


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