This leaked WhatsApp chat ‘confirms’ Ibrah took $400k loan from Heloo Gabriel

Ibrah and Heloo Gabriel
Ibrah and Heloo Gabriel

A WhatsApp conversation purported to be a conversation between Heloo Gabriel and Ibrahim ‘Ibrah’ Daouda has been leaked.

Screenshots of a leaked conversation between Ibrah and Heloo which surfaced online has created a frenzy online.

In the screen shots, a party to the conversation with the name Ibrah allegedly sent a draft contract to Heloo agreeing to pay back a $400,000 loan with a 5% interest.

One of the leaked messages contain the full agreement the two young socialites, Ibrah and Heloo, agreed on before Heloo gave Ibrah the $400,000.

Reports indicate Heloo is into online stock exchange business while Ibrah is into real estate.

Read the alleged discussions below.

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