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On Friday 6th April, 2018, Fante Rap god, Teephlow released a lyrically dense track titled Preach. The track, which is replete with numerous puns/double entendres and several other literary devices has generated a host of comments on social media by rap patrons since its release. Many have viewed the track as a reply to his bitter rival, Strongman Burner who purportedly attacked Teephlow lyrically with a track titled Charcoal earlier in the year. An ardent patron of rap music, Joseph Nana Owusu Afrifa has compiled the lyrics of Teephlow’s new heat, Preach. Check out the lyrics below:


Yeah, ay3 ready ahh

HBOO… Spider Lee


1st Verse

Mehn, I’ve been in the industry for a while so I know what is happening

People claiming good face, what they preach be opposite what they practice

W)y3 fake, them go stab you in the back, turn around and say, abeg you, kos3 ate

Just for daily wage,  ebe dirty game, enti every day you for fit to study dema tactics


Them start switch ways, joy ride, now see dem jumping on the fast lane

Hype kakra starti manifest ( *M.anifest*) yi, b)hw3 killers aka wonti abom, they want sack ( *Sark*) me

They say we no dey flow well,  now people dey tap into the flow, so they pray say we go start sing( *sink*)

It’s amazing, how in a quest to find some small cheese, we end up in a rat race


Friend, okumfo domfo, )se )te rap ase papaapa but onhu medzendo

They sleep on me for long, wonwr3 afi d33 endu suzu du mpo

But it’s our turn to reign( *rain*), wonhu d33 ehum retu mpo

W)se w)dawgi me,  me mpo de3 wombu menwom mpo

But me droppi track p3, wosuma retie no lungu lungu

W’onipa waate but )nka ho hwee but for dema mind )se herhh the boy dey kill but menku nipa o


They see say I be threat so they hating, woyem aa anka m’afloppi s3 diskette

Looking at this pair,  all the diss yeah I know say this pair will love to see me in despair

But I swear,  am a beast yeah, no zoo keeper can ever tame this pet

W)se field open, we for throw shots but in this game I think there are better things we for discuss


Manager se Phlow you be too deep,  sometimes you for dummy down

Okay mekaad33 *field game*,  *throw shots* and *discus*,  I hope say you get it now

Check your files, na hw3 me styles, 3b3hu d33 Ghana ha dze ab)ney3fo no p3 na w)mp3 me sounds

Wo rapper no,  mey3 huge sen ( *Houston*), kakyer3 no s33 )y3 dope aa, ame mey3 Bobby Brown



Phlowducation is out oo

Phlowducation is out

You for go get it… (Preach) 4x


2nd Verse

I’ve come this far, enti 3diss m’aa, this bark,  naa discard

I won’t play this card,  I’m the greatest of all time ( *G.O.A.T*) but I don’t chew this card ( *cud*)

Get it?…. I’m the GOAT,  you for think fast, I wanna be a rich man

Mep3 d33 daakye bi, mek) gyina garage aa mese make I buy this car, this car, this car or these cars

That be the dream bro

We no dey sleep but we still go achieve wana dream bro

I wanna work and  see everybody in my team blow

S3 )b3 test y3 no,  ma marki no,  ma ma no seen bro


Mereba… Mame bisa question koro p3

You be sicker? No… But you sure say u dey feel well?

You dey flow but you’re still underground. Does it feel well?

Industry no as3e but y3ka nso a,  dem go make you feel bad..yea


We all dey play a role, nd3 anya popcorn bi rewe enti 3feeli d33 3sene meaa ( *cinema*)

No pee, I’m trying to sow a seed of greatness, 3hw3 nas3 3w) taku anaa simpoaa

Come and help, let’s fight this war, 3nte demaa, wala gye kodua na w)nfr3 wo Tweneboa ( *Tweneboa kodua*)

Enz3ma yiaa anka sesei y3w) capital,  bye now,3da car ( *Dakar*) mu ma 3chilli w) Senegal


Think about it,  Phlowducation SOA,  that song was for you and I

You be young man,  make you no make hatred and envy consume your mind

Them dey bite, them dey chew my lines nanso still w)n flow no y3 so soft b3ka d33 Yokozuna thighs

3b3y3 aa, towobo, we no dey rush our ( *Rush Hour*) punches, mes3e h) ma Jackie Chan mpo kem, )se “Whom am I ”


So to my fans,  make you no argue,  cos whatever you do them go talk say we dey flow wack

But you know say you dey flow waa, )ngyae n’ekrom nii na )nsupporti awo, eii massa na )suro wo a? (Laughs)

See, I’m trynna paint a new pic but them dey still dey focus on the throwback

Maybe them for learn Software Developing,  that be the only way these kids go fit grow up( *App*)

Them dey preach loyalty but they act #fishy ( *fish*) whenever  they see food ( *sea food*)….

Don’t be fool,  them go called u honey ( *honey* )  but when things start dey bee ( *BEE*) them go sting you.

They say make we dawg hip-hop but when beef comes they say it’s good for the culture

Which culture? Massa,  Kris Kross am,  how can this solve am ( *sulphur*), )b3y3 aa dissolve am


S3 3feeli d33 3y3 wild aa, sendi beat bra y3n killi, that be what go fit bring proof

Until then, me am tryna phlowducate your fans,  I no get time to diss you


You want learn this sh*t, come around make I show you how T Roll ( *troll*)

Cos I swear, no matter how much sh*t you go release , you can never fit in Tee’s shoes ( *Tissues*)


Yeah…. Phlow…. Spider Lee… Aay3 ready a?





By: NanaOwusu



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