Don’t assume a man knows everything that you want – Counselor Elom

Counselor Elom

Stop. Take some time to be clear…..

A lot of women today may raise genuine reasons why they think their men are not up to the level of performance they’ve always wanted them to be on.

But the big question has always been bothered around the essence of communication.

In as much as a man loves authority, he expects that his woman would point out to him what she desires. Frankly, women love smart men and would want them to figure the wrongs out by themselves and at the same time correct them. That’s correct. But this is also here to remind you that you are the ‘Queen’ in his life.

Queens don’t sit and  assume -They command and the King acts. You may want to stop here…think and act clearly from today.

Don’t just assume like other women do, speak to him and when he doesn’t listen, you know what to do – Discipline him.

By Counselor Elom.


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