People say I’m disgracing my father who is a Pastor because I chose Hip hop over Gospel music – Eno

Eno Barony has said that she has faced several criticisms from the public and close relations on why she chooses hip hop over gospel although she is a daughter of a Pastor.

According to her, people keep saying she is disgracing her father and should change from her sinful ways in order to please the lord.

She added that what breaks her the more is the fact that people claim a colleague of her has died and that she may follow suit.

Eno said “Some people always be like girl am not happy about wat u do , ur dad is a pastor when will u do gospel a colleague of urs just died so stop doing music but the thing is if a Tailor dies I dnt see other tailors quitting and is it even wrong to be a rapper as a pastors daughter”.


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