Shatta Wale wants me now; he’s tired of Mitchy – Actress

Actress of the moment, Rosemond Brown has said Shatta Wale is tired of Shatta Mitchy and is ready to take a bullet for her, Rosemond.

Shatta Wale and Shatta Mithy early this week brought their relationship issues to social media. The two were at each other’s throat throwing shades and making several allegations against each other.

But the actress in a video circulating on social media has asked Shatta Mitchy to shut up about her relationship issues or leave for her to take her place.

She said “Shatta Michy, you better keep quiet there. You say you suffer for Shatta Wale, what kind of suffering did you do for him? When you were with your previous boyfriend, did you stay when things got difficult? You left him without thinking twice and went to Shatta Wale.

“Now that Shatta Wale is tired, he wants to take bullet for me, Rosemond allow Shatta to do it. If you cannot handle Shatta Wale, please leave, and let me come and take over.

“Every relationship is full of ups and downs, if he has beaten you, keep quiet and suffer, or else when you will leave, I will take over.”


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