Photos: Shatta Wale beats up Shatta Mitchy after she slapped him

Queen of the Shatta movement empire and the King, Shatta Wale seem to be going through some difficult times in their relationship.

The two have taken to social media to express their pain and the information they have put out there is a clear indication that they are going through some great challenge.

Shatta Wale in his post alleged that he was been chased by Mitchy with a knife. He indicated that Shatta Mitchy slapped him in front of her mother.

He noted that anytime there is a problem, Shatta Mitchy will feign an accident by cutting herself with blade, break bottles just to paint him black but his God he serves will not disgrace him through her.

Shatta Mitchy responding to claims by Shatta Wale indicated that he is a hypocrite who will hurt her and come on social media to seek public sympathy.

She said “The world is full of hypocrites. They hurt u and later come seek internet sympathy. The world knows what a good woman looks like. Unfortunately, & ungratefully , you don’t. Thanks for the bump on my head”.


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