Rapper begs Moesha Bodoung to come and spend his money


Well, if you thought what Moesha Bodoung said on CNN sent a wrong signal, then you were probably lying to yourself.

The comments has won for her admiration on social media and she seems to have found a true “sponsor” who intends to take her on a luxury ride.

Rapper and Political enthusiast MC Dementor has expressed his willingness to sponsor Moesha without demanding for sex like the married man is doing.

According to him, he wants to roam the world with the curvaceous lady and treat her like the queen she is.

He said in a post on Facebook that “Someone tell Moesha that I been having my eyes on her for long. Now that I know she loves money. She should come to MoneyPaPa Mc Dementor. But I never want sex from her anyways. But I will buy her the world if she’s ready to do these with me.
1. Go to the parks and watch the sun set.
2. Go do yoga together
3. Tell me some sweet things before I sleep.
4. Make me my morning tea
5. Travel the world with me
6. Go see some good movies together.
Would you still love me moesha?? No Sex!! More money for you!! And I’m handsome too. Lol




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