Don’t label Moesha as a lazy lady, sex for rent and car is a very difficult job- A Plus

Controversial musician and member of the New Patriotic Party, Kwame A Plus has indicated that it will be bad for anyone to label Moesha as a lazy woman who expects to be taken care of by men in exchange for sex.

His comments comes on the back of Ghanaians criticizing Moesha after she told CNN that it is difficult for a Ghanaian woman to make more money to take care of herself and that women need men to take care of them.

Moesha after the interview was released has become the center of discussions and have been labelled a lazy woman who wont work hard but rather sell sex to live a better life.

But commenting the the brouhaha currently ongoing, Kwame A Plus asked Ghanaians to desist from tagging Moesha as a lazy lady because exchanging sex for material gains is one of the most difficult things to do because of the various styles one will have to implement until the act ends.

The musician listed several sex styles to back his claims.

However, he indicated that what the comments by the lady is worrying and sad.


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