Kumi Guitar’s ungratefulness to blame for his career failure – Facebook user alleges


Kumi Guitar

Yesterday, Kumi Guitar was all over the news for kneeling down to beg bloggers to support his brand because he has people who look up to him.

He indicated that he takes care of several family members and therefore it will be a shame for his career to end in shambles.

But a Facebook user by the name Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh Junior has indicated that the artiste is suffering to grow his brand because he is ungrateful and forgets people who have helped his in the past.

The Facebook user in his post on Facebook said “B4
ZylofonMedia CreativeArts Abeiku Sankofi did all the dirty work for Kumi
Guitar, Zylofon comes in how is Abeiku benefitting? And you come and kneel.
Borga we pass that level, even money no fi get you the AirPlay.”.

Kumi Guitar although produces good songs does not enjoy airplay on radio stations in the country for reasons unknown.

The only station that plays Kumi’s songs is his label’s station and that seems to be affecting his budding career.


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