KK Fosu, Kofi Bee and Kofi Nti leaves Dormaa Ahenkro clamouring for more


KK Fosu

For a minute, one would have thought highlife music was dead in the country considering the love for Dancehall and hiplife among the youth.

But that thought certainly has been erased.
Dormaa Ahenkro came alive with highlife music when happy man bitters registered its presence in the Brong Ahafo town.
The event, which is part of Charger Limited’s initiative to revive highlife music in the country featured three top highlife stars Kofi Bee, KK Fosu and Kofi Nti.
The trio like they are known for left a mark that cannot be forgotten in Dormaa Ahenkro and its environs.
Starting off with the romantic Kofi Nti, the show promised to be one of a kind considering his electrifying performance on the night. Starting off with a tribute song to the late Ebony Reigns, the master performer performed his hit songs including Rakia, Odo Dwom Oo waee that got the crowd clamoring for more of him.
Kofi Bee with his silky voice and thought provoking lyrics left the women of Dormaa Ahenkro falling in love all over again. Highlife and live band music was given an essence and the responses from the crowd could tell that the perception that other genres had taken over was just a thought and not the reality.
Leaving the charged crowd to ask for more, KK Fosu stepped in and made a good account of himself.
The ‘D styler’ came to the game on the night with a mix of his old songs and some of the current ones.
KK Fosu defended why he calls himself the “vocal god” as he performed for over two hours but got the crowd dancing and singing along till the end.
In signing out, the artiste left the people of Dormaa Ahenkro with a song from Ebony Reigns as his tribute to the late artiste.
Dormaa Ahenkro had a big post valentine’s Day celebration which patrons have tagged the unforgettable night.

The show was put together by Happy Man Bitters a Brand under Charger Limited.

Happy Man Bitters


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