I opened up to people because I wanted their approval but… – Benedicta Gafah

Benedicta Gafah

Actress Benedicta Gafah has said she always thought that opening to people about her issues was a drive to make her real and accepted.

According to the actress who is always been attacked by Diamond Appiah, there is the need for individuals to keep their problems to themselves because people in the world are not trustworthy.

The actress who made this known in a post on Instagram said “As a kid, I always thought that opening up to people, speaking your mind and explaining yourself showed that you were the realest, strongest and most honest person. But growing up and maturing into a responsible adult has taught me the meaning of holding back and trying to understand human nature and how people perceive things before they draw their sometimes “erroneous” conclusions.

I have also come to gain much more insight and strength to enable me psyche myself to relax, and understand that each phase in life comes with it own challenges.
Holding back or staying quiet in the face of accusations or verbal abuse does not mean you are weak… Even if you decide to react make sure you deal with issues that really matter in the scheme of things… Alternatively, you could just decide to reply with say, a comedy skit that will let people laugh to release their stress. Both approaches are still going to earn you the respect you deserve.
I always say that you can work hard for your money but do remember that respect is earned… And what’s the essence of having money and being disrespected.😏 So before you talk or react to any issue always make sure that whatever you are about to say or talk about is worth your time, energy and the emotional stress that comes with it”.
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