Why opt for the an*s when vag*na is as cheap as One cedi – Bukom Banku questions gays

Bukom Banku

Boxer Bukom Banku after his defeat to Samir Bastie has taken the fight to gay men in his community.

According to defeated Africa’s Mayweather, he cannot fathom why v*gina is very cheap in his community but some men insist on engaging their fellow men s*xually.

Bukom in a video circulating on social media is heard saying that “The gay men in this community should hear me out. Please stop because there are a lot of v*ginas in this community. We have some priced at one cedi, two cedis, and three cedis. We have really nice v*ginas in Accra, and the Accra ladies are sweet and beautiful. So the males who are obsessed with gayism must stop the anal sex”.

The Lesbian and Gay community keeps growing although the act has not been legalised in Ghana.

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