When Social Media Insulted Lydia Forson for “knowing her right”

Lydia Forson

By this time, you should be aware of the fact that “strong” actress, Lydia Forson was assaulted by a man who claims to be a National Security Personnel.

The actress posted a video to announce this assault and backed it up with a lengthy write-up as usual. Well, she has had the backing of the feminist community of Ghana but has been criticised by some section of the public.
Kwame A Plus has condemned her for not respecting the fact that the security official was doing his work.
A Comedian, OB Amponsah has lashed out at her for standing behind feminism to always insult men because she has a special hate for men.
On social media, there have been other opinions and views about her fall out with the security official. 
Let’s take a read 

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