Ola Michael backs Media Excel to retrieve their money from Joyce Blessing

Ola Michael

Entertainment pundit and movie producer, Ola Michael has said there is nothing wrong when an organiser goes back for his money if an artiste fails to show up for a show.

His comments come on the back of a report that suggested that organisers for the Bliss on the Hill show in Kwahu during the holidays went to Joyce Blessing to retrieve their money after she could not perform because she was involved in an accident.
Some social media users commenting on the issue indicated that the organisers were heartless because the artiste was just discharged from the hospital and that they were supposed to at least take into consideration the fact that she is gradually recuperating.
But in a post to defend the supposed move by the organisers, Ola Micheal insists the organisers will be right to go for their money because she did not fulfil her part of the contract they signed.  
He said “Sometimes its sad how we are unable to distinguish business from emotions I have seen creditors at funeral grounds demanding their monies from the families of the deceased That is business. It has nothing to do with emotions! Some of us don’t progress on our businesses because we allow our emotions to dictate our actions. A contract is a contract If I take your money for business, its your money even if I diebYou can go to my next of kin or family for refund, even on my funeral grounds Ditto if you pay an artist to perform and for some reasons the artist doesn’t honor his or her part. There is nothing wrong going for tour money, even if on their funeral beds.You can allow emotions to stop you from taking back your money if its a charity organisation you are running What is wrong with Media Excel taking back their hard earned money from Zylofon media cus Joyce Blessing couldn’t honor her part of the deal? Didn’t Zylofon take full cost for stonebwoy from media excel? When events flop, don’t artists still take their monies from the organisers?”.
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