Lydia Forson will jump on anything but an erected veinous male d*ck – OB Amponsah



Comedia OB Amponsah has said actress, Lydia Forson will jump on anything but an erected veinous male dick.

His comments come days after the actress shared a video of a security man who assaulted her.
According to him, the actress uses every opportunity that comes her way to condemn men and use several unprintable words to describe them for reasons best known to only her.
He indicated that because of people like Lydia, some men have ended up in prison not because they are at fault but because they are men and have no defence in their dealings with women
Lydia Forson is a true modern day misandrist… Quite a smart one at that too. She jumps on any opportunity to talk foul about men, and would always play the victim, because, well, she is a woman. She is frail and defenseless. Her undying quest to portray men as animals is evident in every one of her click baited harangues.
She seem to have a visceral aversion towards men and hides under feminism to exert her personal creeds. Did I say “seem”? Abeg, cancel that one.
Like a good writer, she begins almost every rant by stating how men insult her with “marriage” “stinky vagina” etc to solicit the sympathy of readers. Then she goes right ahead to vilify men with the same words she is crying about and expects men to be quiet and take it cool.
Ah. Charlie. Imagine how funny Trump would look responding to Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear missile threats with Bronya fire crackers or knockouts (how you call it depends on how poor you are). We have been tolerant enough.
Like all of us, Lydia Forson is just human.
Like all of us, Lydia Forson knows her rights.
Like all of us, we are always disrespected regardless of how big your penis is or how fluffy your vagina is.
Because of people like Lydia Forson, so many innocent men are rotting in prison because, well, they are men and have penises and possessing those two qualities flushes every defense you have down the drain.
The day Lydia makes one of her long posts without any trace of male repugnance, we, well, I, will know she has matured from her days at “The Next Movie Star” and is not trying to be an actress. Until then I wouldn’t be hoodwinked into subletting my emotions to her provocative one-sided write-ups.
She may jump on this, and try tearing me apart, but, truth is, sister will jump on anything but an erected veinous male dick. So…. We dey.

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