Lydia Forson flauts her father; tells the world how “she got to know her right”


Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson has said she learnt to have a voice through the guidance of her father.

According to her, men should support and guide the women in their lives in order for them to stand for what they believe in rather than be authoritarians.

Revealing this in a post on Facebook, she said “I don’t think I give enough credit to this man right
here for how he raised me and the influence he’s had on the woman I’ve become.

I grew up in a mission house ( yes, that house where the
revered and his family stay by the church) and it’s home that I learned how to
have a voice; my father has always been a teacher NOT an authoritarian.
And he taught me me how to use my voice.
Men have a huge role in raising their daughters and how they
turn out; most strong women out there usually have a father, brother, uncle or
another male figure in their life who’s always been a source of guidance and
Their encouragement is our source of strength and what gives
us the confidence to be who we are.
Very. Rev. Dr. Mathias Forson.”

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