John Dumelo’s words of wisdom that has set our 2018 on a path to success

John Dumelo

When it comes to motivating their followers and loved ones, Ghanaian celebrities will pass as the best considering their messages on Instagram and other social media platforms.

The new year comes with new challenges and we are expected to be tough in order to overcome any difficulty that comes our way.

One celebrity whose words to push every individual towards greatness is Actor John Dumelo.

The actor in his motivational message for the new year has called on all individuals to believe in themselves and rise up whenever they fall in order to build up themselves to become better persons.

In a post on Instagram, he said “2017 has been amazing. Emotionally I’m calmer, politically I’m wiser, business-wise I’m smarter. I started 3 new businesses in 2017, one failed but the two others are doing wonderfully well. My passion for agric has taught me a lot. You reap what you sow. This applies in life. Put in maximum effort in all that you do. Love more, give more and pray more. The results are awesome! I fell down 9 times but rose up 10! My dear beloved, what ever you lost in 2017, you shall recover 10 times in 2018! You shall walk with grace in 2018….”.

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