I was busily chasing a demonic woman while my children suffered – Adjetey Fio


Sam Adjetey

Psalm Adjetey, the actor who became famous for his role in popular Ghanaian television series, Taxi Driver has said for years he was chasing a demon of a women to the detriment of his children.

According to him, after he separated with his wife because his wife never gave him peace of mind, he moved to stay with a woman in Cape Coast who he thought would give him peace.

He indicated that after moving in with the woman, he brought his children to stay with them because he thought that was the best decision ever.

However, it turned out the woman he left his wife for was worse of.

He indicated that the woman subjected his children  especially his dearest daughter to several maltreatment including stepping on v*gina.

Psalm Adjetey who was speaking to Delay in an interview said his children have hated him for years for that reason and although they have forgiven him, he always has to plead with them for forgiveness anytime he meets with them.

Adjetey Fio who is currently sick and has several health problems including heart enlargement says he needs to undergo surgery but does not have money to serve that purpose.

 His major worry according to him is the fact that he has no apartment and the building he currently perches is up for sale so he has to move out.


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