HOT AUDIO: Actress Vivian Jill, Maame Serwaa duped by a fraudster


Vivian Jill

Three Kumawood stars including Vivian Jill, Maame Serwaa and Salinko have been duped by an unknown man who claims to be the Chief Executive of Global Marketing Ghana.

This was disclosed by actress Vivian Jill who fell flat for the trick the man is using to take monies from Kumawood stars.
In the eleven minutes audio shared on social media by the actress cautioning the public against the fraudster who according to Vivian is called Solomon, she indicated that she came into contact with the man through Nana Ama Mcbrown after he had contacted her for her [[Vivian’s] number.
Vivian Jill indicated that the man after getting into contact with her mentioned that he wants to use her for an advert for his company that will be worth over two hundred and fifty thousand cedis.
The actress said upon hearing the amount involved and the assurances the man gave her, she asked that he come to Kumasi in order for both parties to sign the contract and get the advert shot.
She said the man who claimed he was journeying from Accra to Kumasi called while travelling to tell her he has had a fracas with the Police and was asked to pay an amount of eight hundred cedis for crashing the car of the Police Personnel.
The man who claimed did not have money at the moment called her and because she thought she had a deal with the man, gave in and sent the money to him so he could pay the Police.

She said after some minutes of sending money to the mobile money name Bernard Ayiku man to pay the police, he called back asking for more money because the leader of the Police also wanted a different settlement.

Sensing foul play, she made them aware that she did not have money and that she was not ready to send any other money after she had already sent eight hundred cedis so the man should settle his issues.
Vivian Jill indicated that after several hours, the man called her and sack he had broken his tank and needed to pay the mechanic but did not have enough cash on him so he begged her to pay but she refused to pay insisting that she does not have any money on her.
She said after she could not give him the money, the man never called her again after he called her to tell her he had arrived in Kumasi.
She said it was after she realized she had been duped and had to caution the public against the man that she got to know Maame Serwaa had also fallen victim and Salinko was also about to fall for his trick.

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