Has Benedicta Gafah been evicted by her Landlord for failing to pay her rent?


For days now, failed musician, Diamond Appiah seems to be on the case of a Kumasi Actress who has been evicted from her house.

Ghanafuo.com has been following her page keenly and has been analysing the shades been thrown by the failed Member of Parliament aspirant.

According to her, the Kumasi actress who has moved to Accra has been evicted by her landlord because she cannot pay her rent. She indicated that the actress is now perching at a friend’s house because she is so broke to even rent a one-room apartment.

Diamond Appiah

Yesterday, Diamond in a post indicated that the actress is throwing shades on her page to suggest that she [Diamond Appiah] is not matured and therefore she is not going to reply her.

Diamond Appiah

ghanafuo.com has been monitoring the social media handles of the kumasi actresses and found out that only one of them has been throwing indirect shades to suggest that she will not reply someone who is not worth her time.

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