Guytalk Podcast: The 5 Terrible Mistakes Our African Parents Made While Raising Us



This episode of Guytalk Podcast talks about the ways many African parents might have damaged their children without knowing.

The African culture as we know it is very strict and tough on the growing child.

You literally are raised spartan style with the full measure of discipline and sometimes brutality only soldiers in training get.

Many African parents in the name of raising their children to be upright, did some things which were too hard, or out of negligence, did not do other things.

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One of the things many African parents put their children through is emotional trauma.

Because of the hardship in many African and Nigerian countries, many parents tend to transfer the aggression of their hard lives on innocent children. Ranging from using abusive words, to allowing the children see them fight in the most brutal ways, many African parents subjected their children to emotional trauma which leaves the children to grow up as dysfunctional adults.

Another thing many African parents did not do right is teaching sex education to children at a young age.

Many children are being abused because someone is taking advantage of their ignorance of sex education and exploiting them.

A very good example is this mummy and daddy game many children played as kids.

A mistake many African parents also made is not teaching children the value of saving from a young age.

Many tend to take the money given to children instead of creating a saving and investment culture which will follow the children to their adult years.

Something else many parents did that might have damaged their children at a tender age is physical trauma.
The act of brutally beating and physically punishing children mercilessly because of their crimes is something many children born in the nineties went through.

Unlike what many parents think, this only makes the children more rebellious and hardens their heart.

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