Five things 2018 has taught us already



During watch night service to welcome 2018, the hope of Ghanaians was that the year will be a success bereft of challenges. Ghanaians were hopeful that the country may see no problems and their worries would have been things of the past.

However, the start of the year has been on a wrong footing with several vile incidents happening on a daily basis in the country.
Well, let’s look at four things 2018 has already taught us about our country Ghana.

1. Poor Security systems

Ghana police

2018 has exposed the country’s security agencies especially the fact that Police Personnel at post are not protected from the eyes of criminals. Several Policemen and even Military men have been killed by criminals in just twenty-five days into the year. The straw that broke the camels back is the fact that criminals besieged a police Station in Kwabenya, freed some criminals and killed a Police Man.

2. Teachers Exposed to be sleeping with their students


Well, this has been the case at least since I grew up and started schooling, teachers have always been “eating” their female students across the country. What they mostly tell us is the fact that they cannot be rearing hen and go outside to buy some so they have to “eat” their own chicken. However, the leaked tape of a headmaster bonking a student has exposed some male teachers and their ill characters and the fact that the Ghanaian society has lost its moral fibre.

3. Pastors are mere humans and not “gods” like their followers make them


Well, before you judge me, know that I’m not against Pastors. A major scandal or nude leaks this year was from a Pastor’s wife who wanted to send her husband a nude video to keep him company wherever he is. However, the video ended up been dropped in a Church Whatsapp Group and that has since been leaked on social media. We don’t condemn but this is a clear indication that Pastors are not God and that they enjoy what we at the bottom down also enjoy. They love the nudes like we do.

4. Just on the lighter side…..Diminutive men find difficulty in getting the women

Don Little

Prior to 2018, we were not aware of the fact that diminutive men find difficulty winning the heart of ladies . However, Don Little has made us aware of that fact and it’s a sad thing. According to hi,. their manhood has always played a key role and because it is not big enough, the ladies don’t want to have a taste of it hence their inability to win women.

5. Ghanaian Politicians Don’t believe in the country’s health systems


Hey! Don’t read Political connotations into this. Certainly, you agree with me that Ghanaians Politicians take the country for a ride. So after destroying the systems here, they choose to go abroad to seek for medical attention. An example is the Vice President who was sent to the United Kingdom when he was sick. Apparently, he has been sent there so his worried relatives will not visit to disturb his recovery process.
Well, I’m sure 2018 has taught you some lessons and have told you that things are not going to be easy if you don’t work harder. You can add to the list of what the year has already taught you.

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