Choirmaster is fake – Praye duo throw missiles at former colleague


There is fire on Instagram at the moment as members of Praye are engaged a heated fight.

The confusion which is emanating from a post by Choir Master, a former member of the trio group that used to produce great songs for Ghanaians.

Choirmaster in his new year message talked about forgiveness and the need to look over some challenges and forgive whoever has faulted him. His post was accompanied by a photo of him and his friends in the Praye group.

The duo in seeing this message replied Choirmaster making several allegations against him. According to the group which is made up of Praye Tenten and Praye Tiatia, Choirmaster always drag them back whenever a headway is made in bringing the group back together. They indicated that Choirmaster’s post on forgiveness is just to win public sympathy and not for the forward going of the group.

Arrogance and feeling better than the others is what basically kills music groups . How do you want something back , call for it and you come on social media and preach forgiveness to make it seem when you do come back it was because you forgave someone . for what exactly ? You left on your own free will when you thought you could make it better on your own without your colleague . Why didn’t you bring this up when PRAYE and BLUE ROSE met just recently to discuss the way forward ? You want a comeback and because of the many derogatory statements you made about the group you are trying to raise public sympathy to cover up . You spoke with management personally on the way forward and today you come on social media to post this fakeness ? . Why do you always take this a step back when we move forward several steps . We won’t tolerate you shaming this legendary group we created anymore . Enough ! @choirmastergh if you want to come back be a man about it ! Drop the arrogance . It’s 2018 no pride will be tolerated . Forgive yourself , then come back ! Our doors are opened . PRAYE FOREVER !! @ameyaw112 @yemmeybaba @nkonkonsa @georgebrittongh @cypressghana @attractivemustaphainusah @charterhousegh @ronnie_is_every_where_
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