AKOSUA BLEACH: A Plus descends on media over reports of skin bleaching by his wife

Kwame & Akosua

Controversial musician and Member of the New Patriotic Pary, Kwame A Plus has described the media in Ghana as a bunch of desperate idiots trying to make ends meet.

This description by Kwame A Plus comes after a report suggested that he had insulted Becca for bleaching and that an Instagram user had alleged that his wife borrows bleaching products to keep up with her skin colour.
But reacting to the reports, A Plus indicated that he has not insulted Becca and that the account in question is not his account.
He said “Just because someone created a page and used my name and picture means it’s me? And you use if for your major news. A Plus insults Becca”.
He indicated that the media is made up of hungry people in the country adding that “No wonder they asked the president some very stupid questions….. as a media person can’t you tell which page is mine by my live videos? Nfuiiii ( Plural of ofui)”.
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