Yvonne Nelson exposes husband snatcher Berla Mundi

Yvonne Nelson

There seem to be a brewing tension on social media as actress Yvonne Nelson is making some damning allegations against “holy” television and radio personality, Berla Mundi after the latter on her TV show, discussed the actress’ pregnancy and its surrounding challenges.

Berla Mundi and her guest on the Late Afternoon show today were reviewing the entertainment industry and the various happenings this year. They talked about celebrity divorces, birth and deaths in the industry.

The discussion on Yvonne Nelson centred on the fact that she had given birth with a man who is not her husband and the fact that there were rumours of she snatching someone’s husband.

The spoke about the fact that she was honoured at the Girl Talk Concert and what the public thought about that move.

Yvonne Nelson in responding to the discussions on television made some damning revelations about Berla Mundi.

According to Yvonne, Berla Mundi has the guts to talk about her when she sleeps with another woman’s husband.

She indicated that she gave Berla Mundi the benefit of the doubt because she believed she was intelligent but she didn’t know she was just like the rest.

Yvonne Nelson

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