Trending: Facebook slay queen assaulted for boyfriend snatching


A Facebook slay queen, Akosua Sika was beaten by the girlfriend and friends of a guy she met on Facebook and had to visit to cement their relationship.

In the video circulating on social media, Akosua Sika was seen sitting in a couch in the boy’s room when the girlfriend whose name has been given as Sharon GH entered with her friends.

Upon entry, Sharon is heard asking Akosua what she wants in the room of her boyfriend. Akosua’s failure to answer the question earned her some slaps from Sharon before some friends interrupted to stop her.

Regardless of the interruption, Sharon gave Akosua some dirty slaps asking for the chat she had with her boyfriend on Facebook. Some friends of Sharon joined in beating Akosua and after several slaps and knocks on the head, they followed her out of the premises.

Meanwhile, the guy who Akosua visited was sitting taking a video of his girlfriend beating Akosua while jamming to Big Shaq’s “Man’s Not Hot”.

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