The many times John Dumelo made the headlines for the bad reasons

John Dumelo

This year certainly was not the best for actor John Dumelo as he became the center of several discussions in the country.

The year began with his political party losing power to the then biggest opposition party, NPP. John Dumelo after months of moving around the whole country could not help the NDC to retain power because the masses we fed up. John Dumelo was trolled on social media the whole time before something else took over the place of the loss.

Like it had ended then the V8 saga surfaced. A task force set up by the new government took away the actor’s V8 because it was state-owned and needed to be returned. However, the actor insisted that he had bought the vehicle from some government officials in the previous government. Dumelo dominated headlines and made the news on a daily basis until matters settled and the government had to take the car from him.

After the V8 saga, John Dumelo rested for a while until his post about a graduate selling bread surfaced and got several attacks from some celebrities paramount which is Kwame A Plus. The internet trolled John and pulled him out of his hole to apologise to the graduate who sells bread. The bread has since become the best in Accra currently.

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