S*x with more the 12 men and other revelations by Efia Odo about her life


Efia Odo

Actress Efia Odo has opened up about her personal life and her philosophies about life.

According to her, she believes in love and will on any day love any man regardless of the person’s wealth.

Although there is the perception that the actress is a whore who sleeps with men for their money, she indicated that that is not the case because she does not believe material things should be the focus of every relationship.

She said ” I don’t sleep with men for money. I am not a prostitute. I believe in love that is why I give love out easily. The perception that I sleep with men and that I am cheap may be borne out of the fact that I think we are dating and the man may also be thinking he is just sleeping with me. You know men can lie a lot. So he will go somewhere to say he has slept with me when in actual sense I am of the thought that I slept with the man I’m dating”.

The actress disclosed that although young, she has slept with more than twelve men but not more than fifteen men adding that she broke her virginity when she was seventeen years.

Efia Odo indicated that she believes that relationships should be balanced; the reason why she will always give to her man when he is in need and vice versa.

There were rumours that the Instagram celebrity was dating Ghana Black Stars’ Kwadwo Asamoah but Efia Odo indicated that she was just friends with him and that she has never dated a married man in her lifetime.

Efia Odo indicated that she is not a slay queen but she always wants to look good therefore her choice of dresses.


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