Kwame A Plus exposes Peace FM’s Kwasi Aboagye

A Plus

Controversial musician and member of the New Patriotic Party, Kwame A Plus has said people in the media in Ghana indulge in all forms of illegality and in turn sit behind the microphones to judge others for doing what they do.

His comments come after Yvonne Nelson made a very serious revelation about Berla Mundi who has sworn severally to be a virgin.

Kwame A Plus indicated that it is a worrying trend to see some media personalities discussing what people do with their private lives when in actual sense, they all engage in similar acts.

The NPP member indicated that he stopped talking to Peace FM’s kwasi Aboagye after he insulted him on live radio some ten years ago.

Kwame acknowledged that he is a bad person but comparing himself with kwasi Aboagye, he indicated that he (Kwame A Plus) is a Saint.

He said “This is the problem I have with people in the media…. they do all the bad things. They chop people’s wives. They chop people’s husbands. They smoke all the wee. They drink all the alcohol. They smoke all the cigarette. Then come on radio and tv to behave as though they are saints. All in the name of doing their jobs. Sometimes I hear some of them preach in the afternoon. Talk against drug abuse while a role of WEE hides in their pocket. When I see all these so called role models on radio and TV, on the red carpet…..I just smfh!!! Ghanaians too like fake people so they’ll be hailing them. Just because they have the Mic or the platform they make you appear very bad. When you attack them or expose just one of their evil ways they say you are controversial. That is why 10 years ago I insulted Kwasi Aboagye live on peace fm and have never spoken to him ever since. How could Kwasi Aboagye be talking about me? Me diɛ I’m not good ooo but compared to that guy, I’m ☝️ a saint!!!! I know you’ll send screenshots. Does I care”.

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