Juliet Ibrahim expresses worry over the spate of cheating in relationships


Juliet Ibrahim

In Ghana and the world in general, dating and relationships are not taken as seriously as they should be and therefore individuals who are in supposed relationships are just hanging there not because of love but because everybody seems to be dating.

People who claim to be in relationships in turn sleep with other people rather than stay faithful to their partners.

The trend has become a worry and needs to be ended before the fabric of our Ghanaian society is totally broken.

One actress who seems very worried about this trend is actress Juliet Ibrahim. To her, it is better to explore with your life than be committed to a relationship and be cheating on your partner.

In a post on Instagram sharing her thoughts on the topic, she indicated that “”Cheating on your “loved one”… why has it become such a common act now-a-days? People claim to love their partner, but realistically, how much do you really love your partner if you seek someone else’s love and affection? Even if its “just for one night”, one lie is enough to have someone question all truths.

It always seemed pretty straight forward to me… if you’re committed to the person, stay with them. If you’re not, than break up and do as much exploring as you want.
I guess it’s not as straight forward to other individuals as it is to me, because news about cheating partners pop up every other day. As the act grows common, so does the accompanying question: why do they choose to cheat?
Anyone cares to share their experiences or thoughts on this issue that seems to be a trend nowadays?

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