Is Iwan trying so hard to feed off Samini’s S Concert fiasco?



In the showbiz industry, one needs to take every chance that comes his or her way since the little things one does will win him/her the love of the masses.

Well, the S Concert that took place on December 1 was shrouded with several controversies, one of which is the fact that Samini could not perform.

Although he has not blamed his failure to perform on Shatta Wale, all present at the event seem to point fingures at the Dancehall King.

Well, after Samini’s failure to perform on the night, one artiste who has tried all he can to leverage some publicity from the failure is IWAN. The reggae artiste through several posts on social media has suggested that Samini got paid for what he did to others some years ago.

His first post after the incident on Friday read “Almighty Mr. Sabotage himself got Sabotaged.. Hahahahaha I Love U #Karma#TheEvilthatMenDo“.

IWAN who was not given the needed attention for the earlier post followed it up with another post accompanied with a picture of his costume he wore during the Movado show in Ghana when he was not allowed to perform

“Thanks @peacefmonline for taking this pic Several years ago at @movado_gullygod in Ghana Show, same venue #AccraSportsStadium. I stood more than 5hours for my Turn and Mr. Sabotage Never Made me Tested The Glory that Night. Just because I Heard they said I Dressed more than him ,, Hahahaha .. joke.. I told His Manager one thing, and Today here it is. “When U throw a ball to a Wall.. it does What ….. lol.. and what goes around comes around. A Big Act, So called King 👑 treated this way, Ghana , it’s called #Karma, deal wit it and stop all this talk talk. See my Sad face on 2011, but Ur Own di33 like Shit. U dey cry .. Tell Ur Fans The Dirty things u did in the past .. U know see nothing yet.”

Today, IWAN has followed up the series of social media posts with a song titled ‘Karma’ certainly directed at Samini.



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