Diamond Appiah takes fight to Delay; calls her an attention seeking villager

Appiah Diamond

Well, if you are in the bad books of failed Member of Parliament aspirant, Diamond Appiah, then you need to see her or she exposes you on social media.

The former musician after weeks of dealing ruthlessly with Benedicta Gafah and not receiving any reply from her has taken the fight to Deloris Frimpong Manso known popularly as Delay.

Delay has in some time past on her show questioned what Diamond Appiah does and have said she should provide evidence for what she claims to be.

But in a post to reply delay in a post on Instagram, Diamond who seems to have gone through weeks of research in the life of Delay said she (Delay) is a villager who is just seeking the attention with the little airtime she is given on TV.

She said “Ooo To all my Ghanaian celebrities Infact from today if this decorated monkey opanyin toto sits on Tv to insult or try n degrade you don’t even pay attention to her cos she is nothing but a villager seeking attention with the little airtime she’s got. I have received tons of her old pictures from that village where she came from n now understand perfectly why she does those sarcastic stuff to run other women down. SHE IS FROM FAR AWAY THAT’S WHY  and never dreamt of even getting an opportunity to appear on Tv so the lil exposure is running her mad. How on earth can u encourage a Bitch to hide behind a fake page to hate on celebrities then on her birthday u shamelessly applaud her on your Facebook page for doing ur dirty job n hyping u. So Bitch after all the bragging u come to do n TV you still need ugly bitches to hype u to make u feel worthy very pathetic . Nothing hides under the sun forever and the entire world now know wot a useless mesirable pathetic broke ass Bitch that u are”.

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