ALLEGATION: Bugri Naabu used and dumped Diamond Appiah and other revelations in an ongoing social media war


Diamond Appiah

There is an ongoing war of words on Facebook and Instagram between failed Member of Parliament Aspirant, Diamond Appiah and some other individuals who are behind an Instagram account with the name those called celebrities.

The war seems to be making several allegations back and forth, the paramount been the fact that these ladies are not working but are always eager for money in exchange for s*x.

The war seems to be revealing some skeletons in the closet of the failed Parliamentary aspirant who switched to NPP.

Among some of the allegations levelled against Diamond is the fact that she dated the Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Bugri Naabu but he dumped her because Diamond was too demanding and the fact that Diamond Appiah was too old and dry for her liking.

The account makes several allegations against Diamond which suggests that she is just a nobody who sleeps with only “big” men (Politicians) for a living and exposes some flaws in a physique.

Diamond Appiah who seem to be the only one fighting the faces behind the cartel has also made several allegations against some individuals she suspects to be part of the cartel behind the several allegations.

In several separate posts, the claimed musician indicated that the attacks on her are as a result of the fact that she has prevented the Presidency from providing employment opportunity for some of them because the are wh*res.


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