5 Scenarios that can ultimately lead to RAPE


This episode of Guytalk Podcast discusses 5 scenarios that can ultimately lead to rape.

Rape is one of the biggest issues plaguing the world today.

Considering how the world is experiencing the Weinstein effect where more women and men are exposing cases of sexual harassment and rape among top personalities and celebrities, we have to be more aware.
A lot of women out there have gotten raped because they were unaware of the warning signals.
The 5 scenarios are:

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1. Sleeping over at a guy’s house when you both are not sexual partners:

Most of the rape cases recorded have come from trusted friends and family.
Sleeping over at a guy’s house because of familiarity or because of a seeming trust for his better judgment can ultimately lead to being raped.
This is because many men use the opportunity and proximity try to vent out their fantasies.
When the ladies resist, some of them try to rape her.
As much as possible, avoid sleeping over at a male’s house if you are not sex partners or family because many men cannot control the surge of testosterone when it hits.

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2. Meeting for the first time in a private or secluded place:

In this age of social media when everyone is meeting everyone, meeting a person especially a man in a private place like his room, hotel, guest room, is not advisable except there is an understanding to involve sex.
A lot of women have fallen to rape because they did not have protection or anyone to call considering how they went to visit a guy for the first time, in a private place.
The secluded nature of the place gives confidence to rapists and perverts, making it harder for them to back off when you say no because no one else is there to save you.

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  3.  “Leading him on” :

A lot of men out there will find it hard to interpret a woman’s ‘No’ and a definite refusal to have sex simply because they share a history of sex conversations and the promise of carnal bliss.
While this is not a reason to force oneself on a woman, for the sake of protection and removal of any misleading ideal, “Do Not Lead A Man On If You Won’t Have Sex With Him”.
Keeping your conversations clean and decent will ensure there is no room to question your intentions if you are in a position where you share a room.
4.  Consuming drinks and drugs you do not have prior knowledge of at parties and events:

5.  Hanging out with loose company.

See podcast for detailed explanations of scenarios that can ultimately lead to rape.

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