Why do you leave your womanizing fathers and fight Bobrisky for being gay – Diamond Appiah questions Ghanaian Ladies

Diamond Appiah 

Well, if you do not love Bobrisky, well there are individuals who are in love with the man-woman and will always fight for her.

Ghana’s Diamond Appiah is one of such individuals and she has shown love to the man-woman in her latest post on her Facebook page.

To her, she believes Bobrisky is the smartest Nigerian because he did not resort to stealing and fraud but worked his way out of poverty he should not be envied by people who think themselves as holier than thou.

Read Diamond Appiah’s post here 

In fact today is one of the days I woke up n regretted being an African Bcos we exhibit nothing but hate towards each other’s progress. First of all I don’t understand why all those ugly, insecure n mesirable girls hate on @bobrisky222 so much bcos if u are really happy in ur life, u will only find his post entertaining n amusing.As a matter of fact I find him more entertaining than Whizkid, Inyanya n Jim Ikye. I don’t recollect him begging anyone or forcing them at gunpoint to follow him. But y’ll descend on him with nasty insults anytime he post an image. So my question is are u insulting him bcos he is more prettier and sexier than most of u? Or did ur irresponsible husbands or boyfriends dump u for him? Bcos all I personally see from his post is someone having fun n living his life to the fullest yet u ppl won’t let him be, how pathetic are we as a people. Even if he is GAY as u claim how does that affect u as an individual. How can u live your womanizer of a father at home n come online to condemn n JUDGE another man or are u trying to tell me that the only woman ur father has ever slept with was ur mother? Most of u girls even have 3 to 4 boyfriends yet you have the temerity to insult an alledged GAY whom none of u has caught red handed bonking another man before? Isn’t this Stupidity? Why didn’t Nigeria police arrest that paedophile called BLACK HOC who is always having unprotected sex with under age girls on snap chat n filming it to the displeasure of everyone but arrested bob bcos of his sexuality. Does this make sense to us as a people? Well honestly I see bob risky as one of the smartest Nigeria guys who didn’t resort to 419 to make a living but rather carved a niche for himself by grooming his feminine alter ego to get some attention for himself n make ends meet so leave the poor guy alone n arrest those idiots producing PORN MOVIES in your country Bcos dat is very disguisting. Lastly since Nigerian police don’t have any work to do apart from collecting bribe from motorist n arresting entertainers for no apparent reason. Am in my house , come n arrest me lol

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