When you come to my house I’m always completely naked because of the heat in Ghana – Sista Afia

sista afia

HipLife artiste who is known for exposing her b**bs to the world has said she even walks naked at home because Ghana is too hot.

According to her, the level of the heat warrants that she goes completely naked in order to be able to fight the heat that always leaves her restless.
Sista Afia also indicated that hlaunting her b**bs is not a move to hype her brand but is rather her lifestyle as a human being and is not willing to stop anytime soon.
She said “That’s me and that is how I am. It’s not about branding and I do have reasons for doing that. If you see me exposing parts of my body to the camera, it’s my crafts. I wouldn’t say it’s my brand but my lifestyle. On a normal day I walk naked in the house everyday because Ghana is too hot for me”.
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