Weekly Topical: Shatta Wale honours flagstaff house invitation

Shatta Wale& Akufo-Addo

The week has finally come to a close and like we do, we talk about the most topical issue in the showbiz industry before we say bye bye to it.

Well, before we digress into showbiz, you are certainly aware that the most topical issue on social media has been the comments by Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa who said he will prioritize members of the New Patriotic Party before any other Ghanaian.
This comments by Ayisi Boateng has made him trend on twitter for the whole week and the last time i checked he was still trending. Although the pressure from social media and the traditional media has caused him to apologise, some Ghanaians believe he should be sacked.
Ok enough of the politics.
In showbiz, the topical issue for this week has been Shatta Wale visit to the office of the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo. 
The Dancehall King was invited to the flagstaff house by the President through a tweet to wish him a happy birthday. The tweet got Ghana and the world talking.
This week, Shatta Wale and his team worked very hard and honoured the invitation of the President. During his visit, he presenter the key to worchester to the President of Ghana. They spoke about the creative arts industry and the need for investment by government and other stakeholders.
His visit was welcomed by his colleagues who are of the view that it is a plus for the industry and has bridged the gap between entertainment and the government.
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