This Facebook user is worried gov’t sits aloof while Ghanaians are been subjected to torture in Libya



Over the years, one thing that has been topical is the movement of Ghanaians to other countries for greener pastures which to them does not exist in Ghana.

Some people through employment agencies work their ways into various places but the worry has always been the fact that these individuals are tricked and are used for all sort of works which are inhumane.

The practice has been ongoing on although government have always complained about the fact that people need to check the authenticity of the employment companies that recruit them for the various countries, these Ghanaians seem unperturbed since their dream is just to leave the shores of Ghana.

Against this backdrop, a Facebook user with user name, Onell Iz  Everywhere has expressed his anger against government for sitting aloof and watching Ghanaians go through several avoidable challenges.

In a post venting his spleen, he said “I am worried…

So What is the Ghanaian government doing about its citizens being sold into slavery in Libya?
These are young people who are deceived into thinking they’ll be brought to Europe after serving their owners for a period of time.
It’s truly sad and someone has to do something”.

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