Shatta Wale’s penchant for substandard things reason why he’s a common local Champion – SM fan writes



In the wake of the Ghana, Naija war, an SM Fan who seem to be worried by Shatta Wale’s move to slight Wizkid.

According to the SM fan, the move by Shatta Wale is ill-advised and should be frowned upon.
Read His Opinion below: Letter to Shatta Wale from a concerned SM fan
Champiooooon, how’s it going bro? Yesterday you were trending on twitter for your comments on Wizkid and his fans. I have watched your video and read transcripts of your radio interview where I believe all of this emanated from so I can say I am quite up to date with the whole issue and your gripes.
Wale, I understand you may not be enthused about how Nigerian artistes and their music are getting lot of attention and love down here whilst that isn’t the case in their country. This is an issue I personally have a problem with also but calling out Wizkid and seeking to slight him? That was a wrong and ill-advised move bro!
I had a discussion with a friend this morning and he described this as marketing strategy for you to make inroads into the Nigerian market. Now, I have to say I disagreed completely with him because I don’t see how making enemies of Wizkid and all Nigerians will help you in selling your music there.
But Wale, can it be true that the best way you see with regards to you gaining traction isn’t through your musical works but through this means?
Now let’s bring this closer to home bro, I have for years now had issues with your reluctance to invest a lot in your craft. You have always had a penchant for putting out substandard and ordinary videos which I believe is a major stumbling block to your ‘blowing’ outside of Ghana. 

You had a banging tune with Davido and yet no video was ever shot for it. As a top Ghanaian artiste with plans of making it inside and outside Africa, you should have pulled all the stops to make sure a video was shot but that never happened.
We can take Sarkodie as a case study. Very early on in his career, he made it a point to invest heavily in his videos by working with top African music directors. Sarkodie is revered and very highly rated in Nigeria and across Africa. It is no fluke. He put in work and sacrificed to get where he is now. That shows it is possible for a Ghanaian artiste based in Ghana to reach the highest levels in African music.
So Champion, my humble advice to you is to slow down on all these controversies and consider putting some more work and investments into your craft. It isn’t only about making songs and putting them out. Bless
#SM4Lyf still

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