#PoetKelsParlour: Asempa’s KABA (An Elegy)


This unholy hour and the ancestors are awake ? 
Who lit the lanterns in the dungeons of asamando ?
Who caused the wailing  that woke up the elders ?  
Was the victim offered a chair or met with Merry making ?  
Oh quirk of fate whims .. whims … hmm he was never invited to the lands of the ancestors. 
Death !!!Death !!! …Owuo ,who the elders thought was in slumber journeyed  to 3wiase.  
Hmm death have broken the pot again … this time not on his way to the riverside or at sea. He slam the pot right into pieces near a lagoon… the korle hence breaking Korle.. hhmmm korle Bu !!!
Teary eyes ,weary heart … hhhmmm troubled thoughts. Why now !!!
I keep chiming  my dial .. just to hear that Familiar voice.  
Oh no .. we tuned our radios today to listen to Ekosisen only to realise Asempa choose to wear  slit without KABA. Hmm Asempa is half-naked …. Asempa,enti ekosisen ? 
“KABA … hhhmm KABA is no more “
Rest on Kwadzo Asare Baffour Acheampong (KABA) 

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