Photos: Four shades of Kwaku Kyei Darkwah, the gay son of KKD

Kyie Darkwah

News went viral that the son of former Broadcaster, Kwesi Kyei Darkwah, known popularly as KKD, Kweku Kyei Darkwah has openly said he is gay and can no longer live a life of lies.

According to the young man said in an interview that

 “The moment I realized I was gay happened in Primary School. Someone called me gay as an insult and I responded with “So what?” I was totally fine with it, but others weren’t and that was when the discomfort and shame with my s*xuality started.”


“Living under my parents’ roof, I was constantly hiding. I’d get home from school and be incredibly quiet, helpful, and obedient. I stayed in my room most of the time. I was playing the role of the “ideal son” so I could just skate by unnoticed. It wasn’t until I was no longer living at home that I started to realize I wasn’t anyone or anything I’d known so far in my life.”


“I went through a lot of ups and downs, trying out new ways of dressing, trying out new friendship groups, and reinventing myself over and over again. I realize I did this because I was still trying to fit in a box – the stylish black guy, the cool and macho black guy, the femme, flamboyant and fun black guy. None worked because there is a lot more to me (and any person for that matter) than a stereotype. I am now very comfortable with my s*xuality because I don’t feel I need to conform to any one image.”


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