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The music scene in Ghana is certainly evolving at a rapid pace, with new artistes springing up daily. New talents are being discovered and good music is being released constantly. I recently caught an act on stage that people need to get familiar with. This guy is the real deal, with impeccable flows and crazy punchlines that make crowds go wild. He already has a massive fan base, and is well on his way to becoming the next Ghanaian rap superstar. This week, we profile Ramos Kasali who is popularly known as  Pageclench.

How did you begin your career in music?

 Pageclench  : I was definitely born to do music, but everything got serious when I got to JHS. I will always be present at entertainment seminars, and I would always perform at our talent shows. I used to steal all the shows. Everyone seemed to love my performances, so I just decided to continue and take it up seriously.

How do you describe your type of music?
 Pageclench  : I would call it Afro pop. You can also describe it as African hip hop. I rap in English/Twi. There’s a lot of hip hop influence in my music. I try to be as versatile as possible. I believe it’s important for artistes to have some variety in their music and not just be ‘one way’.

Who are your role models, and why?

Twofingers: I have three of them and they are Big sean,Kendrick and Drake. I get a lot of motivation from them. I learn a whole lot from them, from their work to even their personal lives. They have done a lot for music. They paved the way for artistes like me to follow our dreams. I have a lot of respect for them.

With so much competition out there now, where would you say your music fits in?

  Pageclench : I’m just looking forward to doing greater work than what everyone is doing now. GH music is in a really good place. There are so many artistes making some outstanding music. I think I fit in perfectly, but I hope to be bigger than they are. Good music will always sell, no matter how much competition there is. It’s obviously all about hard work and how you manage your career, and market your product.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career so far?

 Pageclench:   You can never have a good testimony without challenges. One challenge has been getting enough support from people already in the industry. Another is supporting myself financially. Also getting hype and breaks from promoters is also an issue. As an upcoming, underground artiste, show promoters find it hard to bank on you and give you a shot. Those opportunities are reserved for big, already established names. But it’s all part of the game. I know what I signed up for. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. I’m in it to win it.

What do you hope to achieve through your career?

  Pageclench  : I can’t really give objectives now. The sky should be my limit. I just want to take this country far, and be an asset to it. It’s sort of like an adventure, as there’s no telling where my career will take me. I’m just ready to push it to the limit.

What advice would you give to upcoming artistes reading this?

   Pageclench  : It’s all about focus and faith. You need to pray and be original. Bring something new into the system. Don’t copy blindly. It’s better to set trends than follow trends.

What does the future hold for  Pageclench?

  Pageclench : I would say something bright and massive. I believe strongly in what I do, and what I say on stage, or in the studio. I’m as real as they come. Ghana should be ready because I’m about to prove it to the world.

How did you get your name ‘PageClench’?

   Pageclench : I got it way back in senior high school and it was given to me by my school fathers best friend due to how i rap…he says i rap pages. Some friends of mine used to call me when they got to hear of it and it become my official name. But to me i will interpret my pages as life because life is in pages and clench meaning am holding unto life.

Where do you base and are you signed to any music label ?

Pageclench : big ups to all my fans and friends in kasland .. yeah kasoa is my home and thats my hood. for music label,i will say yes because am signed to  How High Music and ive being under them for couples of years now.
A message to your fans?

  Pageclench : Keep supporting and praying for me. I will not let you down. Ghana be prepared, because  is about to blow up!


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