My greatest life challenge was not been able to sleep with Tracy for over a month


Ghana best rapper alive, Sarkodie has said his greatest challenge as a father was the fact that he had to stay away from sex one month after his wife gave birth to Titi.

According to the rapper “So my daughter came and the first two weeks or one month, I’m not supposed to touch her (Tracy). You are not supposed to do anything and that was like the hardest time. You can (hold her) but you don’t have to let it lead to the main thing (sex) so you need to take a break which is like very very hard.

What I was doing was trying to take my mind off it and trying to do things that can make me focus on something else.” 
He who was speaking to Tim Westwood in an interview  further indicated that “but this girl (Tracy) keeps coming into the room to pick stuff wearing some stuff that is so hard to stay back. You know the funny thing, you can stay away for three weeks without doing it when you know you are free to do it but when you are told not to do it, that’s when you want to do it”.
Sarkodie said his daughter has been a blessing to his life and has transformed him into a better person than he was.
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