Is the Ghanaian media desperate for recognition? – Diamond Appiah quizzes


Diamond Appiah

Artiste and promoter of skin care products has quizzed the Ghanaian media on whether it is desperate for awards considering the time and space it gives to the “fraudulent” organisers of the annual RTP awards.

According to her, the hype for the awards is not worth it considering the fact that in the end, family and friends of the organiser are awarded at the expense of hard working media personnel in the country.

She called on the media to as a matter of fact boycott the awards scheme.

Read What She wrote:

Dear Ghana Media,
It beats my mind why credible media houses of your calibre allow “A fraudster” to use his “Cantata award scheme” to defraud u of your airtime and resources every year. Eeeiiii are you that desperate for recognition or what. This Gentleman uses your media platforms to promote his events for free by nominating your media personnels in the various categories. After hyping n promoting his event for him on all your media platforms soliciting for votes for your nominees he ends up disrespecting the hardworking media personalities that really deserves the recognition n award his friends, sponsors n those who pay for the awards in cash or barter.
Please your brands are too big to be constantly disrespected by one individual who’s main objective is to enrich himself n bank balance at ur expense. You and I know his awards scheme has no credible board that evaluates the nominees nominated in the year under review and TRUTHFULLY the only time Ghanaians vote is on 7th December. So the mediocrity must stop. Call him to order or BOYCOTT THE RTP AWARDS FOR GOOD Bcos is not worth the time n efforts u put into it. Thank you


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